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Hotel Transylvania 3: Ready For Another Spooky And Funny Vacation

It is good to hear that Sony Pictures Animation is back for the third time after the success of the first and second installment that brings more profit to the company. Because of the huge success of the first two installment of Hotel Transylvania film vf france , we will get see Hotel Transylvania 3 which was announced by franchise director and animator Genndy Tartakovsky. This guy is the one responsible for the huge success of Dexters Lab, Samurai Jack, and Star Wars Clone Wars. Genndy is also a co-writer of the first installment of Hotel Transylvania aside from drawing the character and give life to it.

These cartoon icons and characters were made possible and successful because of the help of his friends Michael McCullers. These two brilliant animators really bring up new style of spooky comedy animation and fans love it. Adam Sandler was as well very ideal to voice over the character of Dracula. This goes to show that people really like animated movies these days. We thought th…

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