Fifty Shades Trilogy Ending

Christian and Ana, it seems are the ideal couple in the public. Falling in love, marriage, billionaire life, caring loved ones and family but despite of those seemingly perfect life they have to deal with darkness which involve Christian’s past. Christian is a very secretive and very bossy individual and a very over – protective; and a control freak as well.

Now that she is involved in the life of Christian Grey, Ana isn’t as well intimidated to face Christian whether in any circumstances of courting or in bed. Sounds so unreal, but it is not your ideal romantic movie. Although, Christian is a hot bachelor and billionaire, he seems attracted to Ana and it was at that time that Christian ask Ana to know her all the more after she finished proxy job on the interview.

On the other hand, Christian was challenged to continue to court Ana in a very unconventional way because she can stand on her own and there was a time that Ana defies Christian’s order while she’s into him. Fifty Shades Freed is one of the talk of the town right now or to be specific, very popular before and perhaps even now because we can watch the movie this Valentine’s Day.

After Ana meet Christian, he said to her that he was not the ideal man for her and so Ana got to drink since for her it was some kind of rejection from Christian. And now that Christian cannot resist his attraction to Ana and Ana to him and so the Fifty Shades trilogy continues because in Fifty Shades Darker ends up in marriage and then the Fifty Shades Freed will reveal what will be the end of the story and this time around they have to deal with their new life and should face Jack Hyde who is a psycho who will trouble Ana. Be sure to bookmark this article now and you may as well click 50 nuances plus claires streaming vf gratuit if you want to watch Fifty Shades Freed online. Stay tune and learn what will be the end of Fifty Shades trilogy.


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