The 100 Season 5 - Sleeping Giants

One of the most anticipated episodes of The 100 movie series season 5 is the Sleeping Giants. Meanwhile, Bellamy continues to look for ways to go back to the Earth from the space while Clarke and Madi are now facing new threat in the Green Valley and needs to fight the newly arrived group of armed men who were prisoners from the space lead by Charmaine Diyoza. Later on, one of the prisoners is trapped and was screaming in pain so Diyoza and his men come to the place where the prisoner was held. Then a gunshot was fired and one prisoner was down as Clarke and Madi hiding above the rocks to ambush Diyoza and her men. Clarke is really savage this time, no time for the second thought, she knows that this people who came are a threat to her and Madi.

Nonetheless, Diyoza and the prisoners are prepared as well and are equipped with high-tech weaponry and retaliated and fire back towards Clarke and Madi. To Clarke’s surprise, she cannot fire her guns because the cannon which are fired just blew the rocks where they are hiding. While Clarke and Madi are alive, they still feel the impact of the cannon and it affected their five senses.

On the other hand, Bellamy and Raven are having hard time in the space but still manage to get what they want in order to proceed to their plans. Now going back to Clarke and Madi, they manage to run away from Diyoza and the prisoners. This time around, Clarke was running wounded while the prisoners are chasing her. However, before she starts running she manages to hide Madi in a pit and cover it with the green leaves.

Now fans will be saddened to hear this if you have not watch the Episode 3 of the 100 saison 5 streaming vf
. Diyoza and the prisoners manage to capture Clarke and torture her. On the other hand we can notice that Diyoza is not showing any violent but calmer and has a great control o f her men. Movie series like this, will give viewers some details of the background of the important characters so that they can fully understand the flow of the story. While Monty and Murphy doing something in the spaceship, they almost fight each other as they have some misunderstanding but was stopped by Raven. Then Raven leads Monty to a big room in the spaceship and was surprised to see cryogenic chamber with 284 frozen prisoners.

Going back to Clarke who was captured by Diyoza and her men, Paxton wants Clarke to be dead but was not permitted by Diyoza, because for Diyoza Clarke is still needed for their task at that moment. She wants to interrogate and ask Clarke if there is any survivor in the Green Valley, to which Clarke replies that she and Madi are the only people left and Nuclear Apocalypse kills almost the population. Later, she begs Diyoza not to kill Madi since she cooperates to tell her what happens in the past and they got the information needed. However, this movie series get as awesome as Bellamy was surprise to learn that Clarke was alive. It was Madi who tells Bellamy about Clarke and they need to rescue her. Now Raven and Murphy left in the space with the prisoners sleeping in the cryogenic chamber, Bellamy must take the chance of trading Clarke with the prisoners in the space. Of course Diyoza will have to decide because she needs more men and she needs the prisoner on her quest. There are plenty of things we can anticipate in The 100 movie series. For more updates and live streaming, you can follow my link.


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