Incredibles 2 Without A Doubt Not For Kids Only

If you think that Incredibles 2 is for kids only, think again. Even the director of the movie Brad Bird stated that this animated movie is not really just for kids. Brad Bird has become popular because of his successful creation of the well-like movies such as The Iron Giant, The Incredibles and Ratatouille.

After few projects which he handles in a few years, once more he is back to give us the second sequel of the movie The Incredibles. The Incredibles is just like any animated movies in the past which mostly concentrates on parental guidance because of the restriction from MPAA and removing as well any foul language. In addition, the restriction about the movie works as well in the past. Nonetheless, there is a stir with regards to the movie. Lots of people think that the movie does not involve any citation to vulgar language. While it is in animated way, surely it is highly accepted by kids and would love to view this movie on theater, however the director does not think the same way.

The Incredibles 2 receives a lot of complaints most particularly with their inappropriate words. Brad Bird, as mentioned earlier said, that this movie is totally not just for kids. Although he stated as well that this is surely a family movie which could be viewed by children, but he continues to explain that being an animated movie this does not classify as being made for children alone. That is why there is some humor for parents to enjoy.

The movie is not only facing this kind of controversy and in fact, there’s a lot more. The movie as well received some negative feedbacks for using strobe lights, which lead some audience to have seizures or fall ill, without giving viewers any caution before buying the tickets. Of course, since the movie is very popular for audience, it managed to become very successful at the box office and gathered nearly $ 647 million which surpassed the total of the first sequel in just a few weeks.

People who used to go to the theater and love to see movies which are newly released, already accepted that animation is not just for kids only and they already know that there is plenty of vulgarity in it. The community itself has been accepting the idea of vulgarity in their family, school, even in social media. It will be their own personal judgments to consider if the movie has few themes which are not appropriate for minor ages. You can easily notice in the movie that there are plenty of jokes and themes which are for adults only.

You can find mature themes which include suicide and infertility and there are also some kind of issues involve like depression which in all truth kids no way to understand. I think criticism is good, first, for personal interest and second, for the check and balanced. In this way, we can learn to teach our grownups to use discreet word even in the presence of the children. Now for criticizing a movie like this, I guess this is what we called publicity. If you think people don’t like good things anymore in the movie themes then using the negative feedback for such a movie will allure viewers to be curious about it, and that is the only way to sell plenty of tickets then it’s alright. After all, this is all about business.

There are plenty of animations in the past which are filled with themes which are not appropriate for kids but it is for the parents and guardians to teach the right interpretation of the movie. There is only one thing Brad Bird wants to clarify about his film and this is the idea that animation is not really for kids only. It is there already that we like animation but creating movies like this is not really intended for young viewers but all for all.



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